Who We Are


Empowering women and girls, in all our diversity, with the agency and autonomy to decide on our own health and future is crucial to ending the AIDS epidemic and achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Yet, gender inequality including the epidemic of gender-based violence continue to heighten our vulnerability to HIV. Women account for over half of all people living with HIV. Each week, close to 7000 adolescent girls and young women are newly infected with HIV. Bold and united actions are needed to ensure that no one is left behind.

Women activists and women living with HIV have been at the forefront of the AIDS response. We need to continue to lead.
Through #BeTeamWomen we aim to foster connections, converge agendas and amplify actions across diverse movements and sectors. #BeTeamWomen, a global initiative, mobilises and unites women in order to amplify the call for greater accountability to national and international commitments to our health and rights. Underpinned by the concept of ‘intersectionality’ #BeTeamWomen harnesses the diverse and vast experience, expertise and talents of its networks and members – civil society, SRHR community, government, academia, private sector and the UN – to inform, connect, and amplify actions for accountability – a powerful tool for social justice and empowerment.

What We Do


We share current strategic data; provide a platform to dialogue on topical issues focusing on women and girls, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and HIV; and inform on opportunities, events, and key calendar dates to unite and mobilise for accountability.

Convene and connect

We create and foster connections and coordination across movements, initiatives and programmes to strengthen and unite the call for greater accountability. We are a clearing-house for the exchange information, ideas and experiences in and provide support for the use of accountability mechanisms.


We harnesses the power of social media and other forms of communication to expand and diversify our outreach and partnerships- from local to global – in order to strengthen and amplify the call for greater accountability

How We Work

#BeTeamWomen, aims to foster connections, link agendas and amplify actions for accountability. Our goal is to strengthen and unify the demand for accountability – across diverse movements and sectors – for commitments made to gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in the AIDS response by:

Information sharing

In addition to being a knowledge hub for the latest research, publications and strategic information we are a clearing -house providing information on key opportunities (partnerships, events and fora, and calendar dates) for collective engagement, advocacy and action for accountability.

Engaging with and supporting stakeholders

We raise awareness on opportune strategies, mechanisms and tools for accountability and support our partners and members to be able collectively leverage these opportunities. These include mechanisms and tools at national, regional and global levels for example human rights bodies, the AIDS Watch Africa Strategic Framework, the CSW, and the 2016 HLM Political Declaration to end AIDS.

Mobilising for demand creation

to community groups -through the global #BeTeamWomen network – to effectively analyse and use strategic data on women, girls, SRHR and HIV to push for accountability as outlined and promised in national, regional and global policy commitments.

Providing technical support

the global #BeTeamWomen members through social media, the #BeTeamWomen website and list serve and through the promotion of existing campaigns and innovating new ones.

Engagement of women in all our diversity

Leveraging the richness and diversity of experiences and expertise of our expansive and diverse network we foster the participation of #BeTeamWomen members in accountability processes, at national, regional and UN levels, including through capacity strengthening.